Supermarket shoppers warned about the most dangerous area of stores


Things can happen to (somewhat) normal, but with the threat of coronavirus is still very real, customers are warned to stay cautious when out and about. The supermarkets have taken several measures and guidelines are in place to keep us safe while we are in the process of shopping for our bananas and pina colada, but the stores are not without risks.

Appearing on the TV show Keeping Britain Fed, Professor Sally Bloomfield, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, revealed where the riskiest place in the store is.

She explained that the riskiest place is at the check out, if money is to be avoided and that people can use the end of their car keys to the use of chip and pin, reports the Mirror.

She said: “I think the danger is the people. You get it by inhalation or contact with surfaces, and then either touching your nose or your mouth.

“It is well known, from experiments that we can do up to 23 times per hour. There is a possibility in 1 ml of saliva, you might have 7m of virus particles and it simply may be from 100 to 1000 in order to infect us.

“One thing we need to do in the supermarkets, it is the respect that 2m rule. “

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The professor also said that during the reception of the delivery line, dried products must be quarantined for three days in a grocery store and washed to rub all the bodies away.

“The thing to do is not to panic. The risk of contamination is very low, ” said Sally.

“If we all adhere to these rules as much as we can, it will stop us having to go back in the lock in a few months, when cases come up. ”

Stay safe, the shopping-lovers.


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