Studies confirm Yazan’s claim that Jordanians often marry their first cousins, but that’s not all


90-day fiancé: The other way follows couples who have evolved to a very serious level of commitment. Not just marriage; in each relationship, one person plans to settle permanently in the other person’s country. One of these brave couples is Yazan and Brittany, who work for their lives as married couples in Yazan’s homeland, Jordan. It’s a big challenge for any couple, but these lovebirds have piled up against them even more than most. Brittany seems to be ill-prepared to adapt to the cultural expectations of Yazan culture, and a custom he has mentioned has and many others Engaged 90 days viewers wonder.

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A world of difference

If Brittany and Yazan seem strange at first sight, well, they are. Brittany lives in Florida, where she is a social media influencer and an aspiring rapper. Yazan, meanwhile, is a Muslim man from the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan who has strict traditional values. However, one way or another, these two people established a romantic bond, and recently, she flew to Jordan, planning to meet her family, marry her and live there with him. .

Yazan went to meet him at the airport with roses, and while he was waiting for his plane to arrive, he said he was excited to see her, then he followed that, “but she will have to accept our living condition and adapt to us and change in a way that she could live with me here in this country. ”

On this romantic thought, Brittany arrived, both for their joy. However, before they left the airport car park, she had already failed to meet her expectations. First she hugged some of the crew members, then it turned out that she had alcohol in her carry-on. Both of these are unacceptable in the Yazan community, and he made it known, cursing and yelling.

Obviously, Brittany was going to have a harder time adjusting to life in Jordan than she had expected. And the surprises were just beginning.

Do cousins ​​get married in Jordan?

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According to the Ace television series, Yazan’s family made it clear that they were not excited about the young couple’s union. Although Brittany has said she is ready to convert to Islam, they doubt she can really integrate. They would like to see him marry a local girl, someone with the same values, religion, customs and … family?

Yazan’s parents wanted someone closer to their son than a local girl. They were actually hoping that he would marry one of his cousins. “My family’s preference would have been to choose a parent,” he said. “My parents are related to each other. Many of my family members are related to each other. ”

Yazan insisted that his parents’ wishes were unimportant; he loves Brittany. But viewers couldn’t help but wonder what he said. Do people really marry their cousins?

That’s right – sort of

It turns out that it is a custom for people to marry their cousins ​​in Jordan. As early as in 2012, 23% of all marriages in the country were between first cousins, according to Pub Med. So this seems to be normal in the Yazan community.

However, current data shows that this practice is starting to decrease. Going back to 1990, 57% of all marriages were first cousins, so the practice is clearly becoming less common. Currently, women who marry close relatives are generally young women who do not have much education or employment prospects. They generally have low economic status and are not exposed to the media.

Yazan is a university graduate, and as he appears on a television program, it is clear that he is familiar with the mass media. He is not a woman either, but it remains to be seen to what extent his family’s expectations of him will influence him. His country is moving away from the practice, but is he ready to give it up?

The question may be theoretical, as it turns out that Brittany is still married to someone else. We will have to keep watching to see what the happy couple will do next.


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