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This date in the history of exhibitions

This is the June 19, 1990, Spike Owen Expos – one of the great names in baseball history – has set a record for the national League for the stops-short in playing his 61st consecutive game without committing an error.

Get the record and everything is nice,“Owen has declared to journalists, including the former writer of baseball the Montreal Gazette’s Jeff Blair after the game, the Expos lost 2-1 against the Chicago Cubs at olympic Stadium. “But, to be honestI was more excited Monday, when I equalled it because we won the game (beating the Cubs 5-1).

I am happy with this, however, ” added Owen. “Do not understand me false. Above all, I am happy because for me, the record means consistency. That is what I am most proud of.

Owen has eclipsed the record of the national League of 60 established on 22 July to October. 2, 1988, by Kevin Elster of the New York Mets. The league record of 72 games was established in 1972 by Eddie Brinkman of the Detroit Tigers.



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