Stu on Sports: COVID-19 strikes close to home for Canadiens Carey Price


Content of the article

Canadian goalkeeper Carey Price said he “pressed the pause button hard” when the NHL season was closed on March 12 due to COVID-19.

Price traveled to Kennewick, Washington, home of his wife’s family with daughters Liv, 4, and Millie, 1. Angela Price announced this month that she is pregnant with their third child.

“We practically did nothing for a month,” Price said in a conference call Thursday afternoon that lasted almost 30 minutes. “As mentioned, Washington State was hit hard enough at the start of this pandemic, so we locked up pretty hard. We haven’t done much. We didn’t go out much outside of the occasional outdoor walk. It was a pretty relaxing time. ”

But COVID-19 struck near his home when the mother of one of Price’s good friends died after contracting the coronavirus.

“At that time, I said to myself: Wow! Said Price. “Watching it and hearing about it is distant until it affects someone you care about.”


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