Strict star Neil Jones had to sleep on the street but was rescued by a charity


Strictly Come Dancing star Neil Jones had to sleep on the street as a teenager.Neil, now 38, urged fans to take part in a charity initiative to raise money for a homeless charity as he tells the story of his time sleeping hard.

He recently moved into a lavish new apartment and thought it was a good time to reach out to the generous side of people.

Sharing a moment of himself in a sleeping bag on the floor of his living room, the dancer explained: “As you know, during the lock, I was lucky to be able to move into my own apartment.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, many charities were hit hard and one was hit hard … and even sexual exploitation and abuse. ”

Neil urged supporters to join the initiative after revealing that he must have slept on the street

Neil added, “Not many people know that, but as a teenager I at one point found myself sleeping on the street for a short time, but thanks to a charity like Depaul, I was able to find a place to stay.

“Depaul provided emergency and longer-term accommodation as well as ongoing mental and physical health, employment and more support. ”

He went on to explain the initiative he was involved in – and name three others to do the same.

He chose fellow dancers Strictly Oti Mabuse and Katya Jones, as well as Greatest Dancer Michael and Jowita award winners.

Neil now has his own apartment, having slept on the street as a teenager

It raises awareness of homelessness

This means sleeping outside your bed overnight, donating £ 5 to Depaul UK and tagging three others to spread the word.

Neil is ready for a return to Strictly in the next series, but fans are currently in the dark about how it will work in the coronavirus.

But he has an idea of ​​what the future of the series should look like – calling for a more inclusive cast of famous candidates.

Neil does not know how the Beeb plan to withdraw strictly

Speaking on FUBAR radio, Neil revealed, “I said this year that I would be really keen if they brought like dancing in a wheelchair, or someone hard of hearing, or something like that. ”

As to whether the show will return in 2020 or not, he said, “I think it will go ahead, but it depends on how it works.

“It will be quite difficult to dance with someone two meters away.

“I think we’re going to have a meeting soon and then we’re just going to find out what’s going on.” “


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