Street Cat Named Bob: pet that inspired books and movies dies at age 14 | Cats


The animal that inspired the A Street Cat Named Bob book and film series died at the age of 14.

James Bowen met Bob in 2007 in his battle with drug addiction when he found the abandoned and injured cat and decided to care for him.

He began to take the red cat, often seen wearing a scarf, with him to his concerts or to the sale of The Big Issue in London.

Bowen then wrote a book about their relationship, titled A Street Cat Named Bob, which became a resounding success and was made into a movie in 2016 in which Bob played alongside six look-alikes.

In a statement on Bowen’s official Facebook page, the author said that Bob saved his life.

He added, “It’s that simple. He gave me much more than company. With him by my side, I found a direction and a goal that I missed. ”

He said the success they found together was “miraculous,” adding, “He has met thousands of people, touched millions of lives.

“There has never been a cat like him. And never will be again. I feel like the light has gone out in my life. I will never forget him. “

Paul McNamee, editor of The Big Issue, said: “First, Bob changed the life of James Bowen, then he changed the world. He meant a lot to The Big Issue and was a huge part of our story, as did The Big Issue for its story.

“Over the years, we have reported on its success and every time we put it on the cover, our suppliers have been delighted. They knew it meant fans would flock to buy. It represented a second chance and hope and never gave up on someone, things that are part of the DNA of The Big Issue.

“Our condolences go to James, Bob’s faithful companion. Bob saved his life and he said of the success the couple had seen through their books and movies as miraculous. He said there had never been a cat like him. We couldn’t agree more. ”


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