Steve Bing, a producer, and Elizabeth Hurley’s ex, apparently dead by suicide


Steve Bing, a Hollywood lifer and the father of actress Elizabeth Hurley’s child, reportedly died.TMZ reports that Bing, whose other notable efforts in the industry include a writing credit on “Kangaroo Jack” and a role as an investor in the Tom Hanks film “The polar Express,” died after jumping from the 27th floor of the Century, the City, THE district. They claim sources close to Bing said he was depressed from being isolated in the quarantine.

Bing, 55 years old, dropped out of Stanford university his junior year after receiving $ 600 million to the legacy of his grandfather, a real estate developer. He had a hand in the writing of Chuck Norris’ “Missing in Action” of the franchise in the 1980s, and moved into production at the beginning of the 2000 Sylvester Stallone remake of “Get Carter.”

Bing initially denied that he was the parent of Hurley son, Damian Charles, born in 2002, stating that the pair of 2001 the relationship was brief and non-exclusive. A DNA test has finally made him the father of the child.

In 2012, Bing joined with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet-for-one “Giving Pledge”, intended to make a gift to give the majority of his fortune during his lifetime. TMZ reports that Bing has donated more progressive.


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