State May Need New Home Stay Order


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PHOENIX – Former director of Arizona Department of Health Services said on Monday that the state may need a new home order if trends in coronaviruses he calls “disturbing” continue .

“If the trends continue, I think we’re on a railroad to field hospitals and / or another home stay order,” said Will Humble. KTAR News 92.3 FM Gaydos and Chad.

Arizona has recently seen an increase in the total number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, trends deemed alarming by Humble.

The state said on Monday that 79% of hospital beds and 77% of ICU beds were full, leaving 1,506 hospital beds and 363 ICU beds open.

Dr. Marjorie Bessel, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Banner Health, said on Friday that his hospital system was reaching capacity in intensive care beds and worried that it would have to draw on peak capacity.

Humble, who held the post from 2009 to 2015, said he was concerned about the rising trends since May 26.

This explains a delay in reporting and other factors associated with the end of Governor Doug Ducey’s house arrest order on May 15.

“We have disturbing trends that have actually happened since May 26 or so,” said Humble. “Later, we started to see all of the behavior that occurred over Memorial Day weekend reflected in the cases you see today for this mismatch. ”

The state reported a total of 27,678 cases of coronavirus and 1,047 deaths on Monday morning.

Marcy Flanagan, executive director of public health for Maricopa County, echoed Mr. Humble’s concerns on Friday.

Flanagan said there were signs that the community spread of COVID-19 on the Phoenix subway was increasing beyond what was expected due to the state’s reopening plan.

“We see some bad trends not only in the cases, but also some trends in hospitalization that seem to me to be alarm bells,” said Humble.

Humble said decisions could be made soon to help push Arizona’s trends in the right direction.

First, he advised the state to test more and work on infection control in nursing homes and other senior communities.

He also recommended that local leaders be allowed to implement policies, which they cannot do under Ducey’s current executive decree.

Ducey said at a press conference on Thursday that he believed his office and public health officials had chosen the best solution to manage the coronavirus epidemic.

” I think [our course of action] depends on the type of political decisions made over the next 10 days, “said Humble.

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