Stassi Schroeder’s Mom Dayna Schroeder Called Bravo to Get Her Rehired on ‘Vanderpump Rules’


The love of a mother. Stassi SchroederMom Dayna Schroeder, tried to make amends with Bravo after the network pulled the reality star out of Vanderpump Rules.

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Dayna Schroeder and Stassi Schroeder.

“Stassi’s mother called Bravo to try to rehire her,” says a source We weekly.

Bravo announced on Tuesday (June 9th) that he had cut ties with Stassi, 31, and his co-treats Kristen Doubt, Max Boyens And Brett Caprioni for their past racist actions. Lla Next Basic Level author and Doute, 37, were released after their former Faith Stowers revealed that the couple reported her to the police in 2018 for a crime she had not committed. Boyens, 27, and Caprioni, 32, were fired after past racist tweets resurfaced.

Dayna not only supported her daughter backstage, but also publicly encouraged fans to stand by Stassi’s side.

“‘Please say Stassi that her khaleesi are always there for her! Is she okay? Asked the jewelry designer for a person via Instagram on Tuesday.

Dayna replied: “I will, thank you! Follow @standupandsupportstassi. »

The Instagram page features a petition entitled “Bravo for Bringing Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doubt back to Vanderpump’s Rules.” The campaign has garnered more than 13,000 signatures on its goal of 15,000 signatures.

Stassi’s younger brother, Nikolai, also tried to rally support for his sister via Instagram in a video that has since been deleted.

“It goes to Lisa Vanderpump, Vanderpump Rules, Bravo TV, anyone who was involved with Stassi getting fired,” said the 15-year-old. “E want everyone to hear me because my sister is one of the most loving people you will ever meet in your life. She deeply apologizes for what she said and I am so desperate for her to succeed… I just want her to go as far as she can.

A source said We Tuesday that Stassi is “surprised and upset” by Bravo ending their business partnership.

“Stassi, in particular, has become a major piece of the Bravo puzzle over the years, and the network really enjoyed working with it,” said the insider. “Ela said, racism and discrimination have no place on Bravo, so Stassi, Kristen, Max and Brett have left the powers that are not with any other option. The people behind this decision are now discussing ways in which Bravo can address the situation publicly and in greater depth.

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