Springfield businesses respond to Phase III of the “road to recovery”


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Companies like Roots Coffee Bar and Restaurant on Republic Road are hopeful after learning they can open their dining rooms to serve more people. This comes after the City of Springfield and the Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced a transition to Phase III of the “Road To Recovery” plan would come into effect on Monday.
“The weekend business, people want to go out now and finally get in,” Palermo said.
The owner of the Roots Cofee bar, Mike Palermo, says they sell breakfast and lunch all day, including having a full bar.
From June 15, half of its dining room will be open and sanitation procedures will be in place.
“Just keep people out of the bar, bar seats, things like that,” Palermo says.
On the other side of town, at Tie and Timber Beer Company on Cherry Street, they have just built a new beer garden, which owner Curtis Marshall says could not come at a better time.
“So at a time when people are looking to enjoy a beer in a very safe and socially distanced place, it’s a great alternative for them,” Marshall said.

Marshall says that while he can accommodate 160 people in his business next week, he plans to see what he looks like first, he says he wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps that number lower.
“We have our customers who are willing to get rid of cabin fever and go out and ready to enjoy life in a socially responsible remote way, we also have a few people who are not yet ready to go out, and keeping the numbers low enough, quite comfortable, hopefully we can invite these people to join us when they are ready” Marshall said.
And while both companies admit that the pandemic has caused financial hardship, they are excited that we are continuing to move forward.
If you can take care of it, you can get through anything,” Palermo said.
“Did it hurt? Absolutely. Are we going to make it? We’re definitely going to be fine,” Marshall said.


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