Sports mecca Schanks would be stopped for the good cause COVID-19


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Rob Kerr regarded as his “home away from home.”

Many other sports and leisure Calgary, looking to enjoy the great game, a bit wobbly, pop, or a round of virtual golf.

But it is in the past, now that the two offices Calgary Schanks Sports Grill would be no more after that, apparently a victim of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think Schanks done as good a job as anyone in the definition of what the sports bar that was going to become,” said Kerr, an established voice in the Calgary sports community. “For me, it was a good place.

“It was awesome. The people were great. The atmosphere was great.”

The city’s two Schanks — a on Macleod Trail, and the other at Crowfoot Crossing are closed with legal documents on the doors. The south site has a padlocked the door to prevent entry, while the north of the site has a notice stating that the lease has been terminated.

660 News has reported that sources have confirmed that the restaurants will not reopen after closing their doors in mid-March due to the COVID-19 crisis.


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