Spike Lee apologizes for having defended Woody Allen against the cancellation of the culture


The film director Spike Lee has apologized via Twitter to the brands controversial that it has made Saturday to defend Woody Allen against the cancellation of the culture on a radio show in the morning. During an interview on the radio station of the New York WOR “In the Morning,” Lee said, ” I would just like to say Woody Allen is a great, great filmmaker, and this thing cancel is not only Woody. And I think when we come back, we will see that — at least to kill someone — I don’t know if you can just erase someone as if it had never existed.

Lee also added, ” Woody is a friend to me, a fan of Knick colleagues, so I know that it’s going to pass by there at this time. “In his apology on Twitter after the interview, Lee said:” I apologize deeply. My words were false. I do not tolerate and I will not tolerate no sexual harassment, assault or violence. Such treatment causes damage that cannot be minimized. See the post in its entirety below.

Allen is back in the spotlight, and further from grace earlier this year with the publication of his memoirs, ” Apropos of Nothing “, in which he doubled down on the claims of long-standing that he has never molested his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, who was seven years old at the time of the alleged incident. Allen has long denied the accusations and has not been accused of crimes after multiple police investigations in the 1990’s. The filmmaker has had to deal with a spike to put his memoirs on the shelves after the publisher Hachette, has decided not to publish the book at the beginning of the month of march. Arcade Publishing was eventually released the book on march 23rd.

The new Spike Lee film, the epic of the Vietnam war ” Da 5 Bloods “, comes out Friday, June 12, on Netflix and has already earned the Oscar winner a few of the best reviews of his career. IndieWire spoke with Lee on the film, and his speed in the moment of the current political situation, in an interview with the large-scale published on Saturday. “It seems that the United States of America are at the edge of the abyss,” said Mr Lee. ‘ ais this that gives me hope is to see everywhere in America, my brothers and sisters whites that are in the street, to join their brothers and sisters, black and brown. And in many cases, these events occur in locations where there are no blacks and brown. Look At Salt Lake City, Utah. Des Moines, Iowa, and all those who around. This gives me hope.

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