Spain reopens but the Balearic impose the nightlife of the prohibitions of


Sthe pain has today opened its borders to tourists in Europe – 10 days earlier than planned – and in the last minute, change of plan, the Britons will not be required to self-isolate at the finish.

The Mediterranean summer favorite initially refused to waive the restrictions for the British, unless it had obtained an agreement of reciprocity for the Spanish arrivals in the united KINGDOM, but that seems to have given way under the pressure, to strengthen its battered tourism industry.

Things will not, however, be back to business as usual. Boat parties are now banned on all the Balearic islands, including Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formenterawith no sign of when, if ever, be able to raise.

The new regulations are the islands and islets of lock-in, also affect the local night life, business: the bars may not remain open beyond 10 am, and must comply with strict social distancing. Night clubs and other venues, with a capacity of more than 300 people are not allowed to open the interior spaces, but they can accommodate up to 100 people on the terraces and outside.

The tough new regulations have been put in place by the government in order to establish the “new standard” in the post-lockout era, and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Some business owners feel that these new rules are, in part, to rid the islands of their party reputation, where alcohol-fuelled tourism has presented problems in the past. The Balearic government denies these allegations, despite stating in the past that he wanted to do himself for a new type of traveller, including families.

While the British are now able to enter Spain freely, without quarantine themselves, reciprocity, face-to-create a “air bridge” is yet to be found, meaning British tourists will have to stay home for two weeks on their return to Britain.

The Telegraph understands that the government of the united KINGDOM is in talks with less than 10 predominantly short-haul, including Spain, to build air bridges.

A list of a dozen potential countries – including Portugal, Greece and France – is being considered for bilateral agreements which would mean British holiday makers could fly from 4 July without a face 14-day quarantine at their arrival or return.

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