SpaceX broke a new record and set another milestone to beat


If you happen to miss it, SpaceX has successfully launched two astronauts to the International Space Station. But it wasn’t the only achievement SpaceX made that day.

When SpaceX successfully launched Crew Dragon to the ISS, it passed a milestone with the use of the Falcon 9 booster designated for B1049. This launch by SpaceX with the Falcon 9 marked the fifth time that the same booster was used, placing it completely ahead of all other companies developing reusable rockets. SpaceX not only magically got the Falcon 9 booster to be reusable, there were many unsuccessful attempts by the company and a lot of persistence on their part.

As Teslarati reports, SpaceX has dominated the competition in terms of the fastest orbital-class rocket or spacecraft in history to complete five launches. The Falcon 9 defeated space shuttles Columbia (27 months), Challenger (24 months), Discovery (22 months), Atlantis (26 months) and Endeavour (29 months) with launches in 20 months. Falcon 9 is now the most piloted operational rocket in the United States.


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