Sources – MLBPA offers a season of 114 games in counter-proposal


The Major League Baseball Players Association has submitted a return-to-play proposal to MLB on Sunday, which includes a 114-game season, deferred wages if the season is canceled, and the option for all players to opt out. a possible 2020 season due to coronavirus problems, sources close to the details told ESPN.

The proposal, which was the union’s first and came on the heels of an MLB plan that was strongly rejected by players, comes at a critical time as baseball attempts to become the first major American professional sport to return. While players expect the league to reject him, they hoped it would serve as a bridge to a potential deal this week.

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The 114-game season, which, according to the union’s proposal, runs from June 30 to October 31, should be immediately dismissed by the league; The MLB has proposed an 82-game season and has suggested that the more games played this year, the more money they lose. The union remains committed to players receiving their full wages pro rata, while the MLB plan called for major pay cuts that affected the highest paid players the most but spanned all levels.

The inclusion of possible deferrals in Sunday’s proposal was a recognition by players that, amid the coronavirus pandemic and unrest in the country, cash flow problems could prove problematic for homeowners. Postponements would only occur if the playoffs were canceled, a concern expressed by the league, and total $ 100 million. It would apply to players whose contracts provide for wages in excess of $ 10 million and include interest to make them whole.

The postponements could be part of any counter in the league, which did not officially respond to the union’s proposal on Sunday. With the desire to start a season by the first week of July, both sides recognize that time is of the essence for a deal.

While the 67-page MLB draft health and safety protocol included the option for high-risk gamers – either with pre-existing conditions or with family members more sensitive to COVID-19 – to withdraw from during the season, the union’s proposal suggests that they can do so and receive a salary. Players not considered to be at high risk could withdraw but would not be paid.

Other sources of the players’ proposal, sources say, include:

• extension of the playoffs for two years; The MLB proposal suggested a playoff year from 10 to 14.

• A salary advance of $ 100 million to be distributed among the players during the so-called “spring training 2.0” which leads to the regular season.

• Additional commitments for players wearing field microphones and other broadcast improvements.

• Offer to host events such as an off-season all-star game or a home run derby to generate additional revenue.


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