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Sophie, who is the youngest of the Queen’s children in law, is said to be popular with Her Majesty. It’s apparently because Prince Edward’s wife is “dedicated.” A source said in The Sun: “Sophie is the Queen’s favorite long-term project and has been identified as someone the Palace would like to help ease the burden.”

Help revealed to the Sun in September, the Queen is “aware that Sophie’s marriage has survived where she and other child relationships have failed.”And she knows it’s not in any small way down to Sophie for her dedication.

“She knows, as is Edward’s mother, what a delicate creature he can be. And not only has Sophie thrived as a dedicated, although still a relatively young member of the royal family, she has brought two teenagers who are well-rounded, sporty, fun and delicious. ”

Now 55, she married Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, in 1999.

According to Online Electronics, Sophie and Edward first crossed paths with Edward when he was dating a friend of hers.

When announcing their engagement, Sophie told the BBC, “It is a little nerve-wracking in many ways.

“But I am ready for this now and I am fully aware of the responsibilities. ”

Since then, many sources have spoken of the friendship that Queen Sophie and share.

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She told an infiltrator from The World News reporter reporting herself as an international business that her public relations firm would allow the businessman because of his status in the royal family.

Sophie is also said to have castigated government figures.

Buckingham Palace stood up for Sophie saying, “The Countess of Wessex, who is striving to pursue her own career, is obviously vulnerable to set-ups like this. “

The public relations firm was closed in 2002.

The following year, Edward and Sophie devoted themselves full-time to royal obligations.

Their son James, Viscount Severn was born in 2007.

Edward and Sophie celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary yesterday.

They marked their 20th anniversary at Royal Ascot.

Sophie has won praise from royal fans for her charity work in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus.

Previously, in 2016, she traveled 450 km from Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

She completed the challenge in seven days with her team.


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