Some of the only theatres in live from France at the moment are a front history


LES EPESSES, France – While most of the French theatres remain closed, and that live sports will resume in July, there is a arena in the country where thousands of people can already sit down to watch a show. In a roman-style amphitheater of the Puy du Fou, historical theme park in western France, gladiators in costume occur on a daily basis since June 11.

The reopening of the Puy du Fou, which offers 15 productions involving professional actors, was appalled by the performing arts sector during his announcement at the end of may. Most of the summer festivals, including Avignon, the largest showcase of theatre of France, have been cancelled due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Accusations of favouritism were stolen after Philippe de Villiers, politician, right-wing, who founded the Puy du Fou, shared on Twitter that the French president, Emmanuel Macron, had interceded to help the park.

While other theme parks in low-risk areas, such as the Parc Astérix, have also re-opened this month, the Puy du Fou is almost entirely dependent on theatrical performances rather than rides. It began its life in 1977 as a revival of large-scale history of the Vendée, the “Cinéscénie”, with hundreds of local amateurs. In 1989, the current fleet has seen the light of day, with a mix of stage performances immersive open-air and traditional dotted with historic villages rebuilt, and many green spaces.


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