Snyder’s Cut of Justice League gets its first tease, slated for a premiere on HBO Max in 2021


“Snyder’s Cut of Zack Snyder Justice league should get its first big revelation at the event FanDome of DC in August, but the producer has tweeted a match of the next special broadcast of HBO’s Max.

In the teaser, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is a view in an underground cave in any way, while a voice-over of the speech of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: dawn of justice parts. The footage then cut to a image of Darkseidthe villain that Snyder has teased and talked on his account Vero staff for years.

Darkseid was originally intended to be Justice leagueaccording to the articles of Snyder over the years, but has been cut from the final version of the film. After the Snyder Cut was announced in exclusive HBO Max in may, rumors began that Darkseid would be in the version Snyder Cut.

The Snyder Cut and the fandom that surrounds it have a long history. Snyder was originally removed from Justice league after the death of his daughter, Warner Bros.led the director Joss Whedon (who was already helping to rewrite the scenario at an earlier stage), to oversee the times and guide the film through the editing and post-production. Once Justice league is released in November 2017, fans have questioned the contributions lighter and more comic Whedon to the film. A campaign was started shortly after the initial release of the film for Warner Bros. to deliver a ” cut Snyder “.

“I want to thank HBO Max and Warner Brothers for this courageous gesture of supporting the artists and allow their true visions to be realized. A special thank you to all those who are involved in the movement SnyderCut for making this a reality, ” said Snyder in a statement after the announcement of the reissue in beginning of the year.

Although the project, which would cost more than $ 30 million, will not be aired on the streaming service HBO Max until 2021, the next event FanDome of DC should have more ads, of teasing and of first looks to the fans. This event took place on 22 August at 13 h ET. It is completely virtual and open to all free of charge.


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