Snapchat Snap Minis apps to launch in July on iPhone and Android


On Thursday, Snap announced a new product called Snap Minis – small apps designed by third-party software developers that can be opened in Snapchat.”Snap Minis are custom-made, bite-size utilities for friends,” said Will Wu, product manager, Snap.

Snap Minis can be opened in the chat function of Snapchat and can be used by groups of users at the same time. There will be a handful of Snap Minis at launch. One of the Atom tickets will allow users to watch movie trailers together or see movie times, then choose seats as a group before buying tickets individually.

A Snap Mini built by Saturn Technologies will allow students to share and compare their lesson schedules on Snapchat.

“You and your friend can find out which classes you have together,” said Wu. “Or find your next block of time open for going out.” ”

Snap Minis represents the company’s latest efforts to expand its work with third-party software developers. Snap is already working with developers to create augmented reality goals for Snapchat and to integrate the Company Stories feature with other apps. The minis are built on the same technology that Snap uses for its Snap games, said Wu.

Snap Minis will be launched for Snapchat on Android and iPhone in July.


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