Smart rings and lounges: the NBA details the life in his “bubble” Disney World


In a document sent to players on Tuesday, the NBA has given a detailed overview of the life of the resumption of the game in the “bubble” of the league at Walt Disney World in Florida next month.Why this is important: Players will be tested for COVID-19 ” regularly “. When someone is positive, he will be placed in isolation, where it will remain for at least 14 days. Once they have been negative twice in 24 hours, they can leave isolation.

The NBA will use video technology to help in the search of contacts. Any person that is within six feet of a person tested positive for at least 15 minutes or had a “direct contact with secretions and excretions infectious” (that is to say, with coughing) will be considered a “close contact” and will also be tested.

  • Rings smart: The players and staff will have the opportunity to use rings portable after temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and other variables. They also display a “probability score of disease”.
  • Masks: The use of a mask is required indoors, except when you eat or when you are in the bedroom of a individual. During the matches, the players, the referees, the players bench and the coaches of the first row of seats will not be required to wear masks.
  • Hotline anonymous: The NBA will set up a hotline anonymously to report violations, with penalties ranging from fines to the suspension through the withdrawal of the campus.
  • Precautions: It will be asked players not to spit or clear your nose, wipe the ball with their jersey, licking the hands or touching the mouth unnecessarily during the game.

Key Dates:

  • 22 June: Deadline for players to report to their city of origin (the Toronto Raptors will report to Florida Gulf Coast University).
  • 23-30 June: The players are beginning to be tested for COVID-19 every two days.
  • 24 June: Deadline for players to notify their teams if they plan to participate in the plan to return to the game.
  • 1st to 11th July: Sessions individual training mandatory in the facilities of the team.
  • 7-21 July: The teams travel to Disney World. Once they arrive, they isolate themselves from themselves in hotel rooms for up to 48 hours until they have two negative trials.
  • 22-29 July: The teams play three mixed against other teams staying in the same hotel.
  • July 31-oct. 13: The games begin. Once the first round of the playoffs completed, each of the eight remaining teams can reserve 15 to 17 hotel rooms for the guests.

The teams will remain in the three stations based on the seeding, and each team will have a travel group of 37 people, consisting of 1517 players, 1820 support staff, a public relations officer and a “content creator”.

  • Great tower Destino at Coronado Springs: Bucks, Lakers, Raptors, Clippers, Celtics, Nuggets, Jazz, Heat. To make a turn.
  • Grand Floridian Resort & Spa: Thunder, 76ers, Rockets, Pacers, Mavericks, Nets, Grizzlies, Magic. To make a turn.
  • Yacht Club Resort: Pioneers, kings, pelicans, spurs, suns, wizards. To make a turn.

More details:

  • Amenities: The VIP Concierge 24h / 24, lounge for players (tvs, games tables, cards, ping-pong), mental health services, swimming pools, barbers, manicures, salon services, yoga, meditation.
  • Food: Each team will have a culinary team Disney dedicated and players will receive ” three meals freshly prepared by day and four meals per day on match days “.
  • Entertainment: Projections of movies (including Disney movies, unreleased “Black Widow”), and other daily entertainment will be provided, and teams will be able to possibly visit restaurants isolated, golf courses and more.

The matches will take place in three arenas at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (yellow circle above). A limited number of players can attend matches to which they do not participate, and the media, the leaders of the team, the employees of the league, and even sponsors will be limited.

Schedule of match days (19h ET game), by The Athletic Shams Charania:

  • Morning: Breakfast at the hotel; Shootaround at the training centre (seven locations in the park).
  • Afternoon: Lunch after filming at the hotel, stopping time at the hotel.
  • Pre-match: Drive to Wide World of Sports (16: 30); Warm-up on the field without a game (17: 18: 15 pm); the Meeting in the locker room (18: 15 to 18: 40); Warm-up on the field of play (18: 40 to 19 h).
  • After the game: Team meeting (9:4021h50); Availability of media (9: 50 to 22: 20); Drive to the hotel (10: 25-10: 40); Showers and meals (23h).

My decision: My brain hurts imagining all of these moving parts. If this is what is necessary to resume the season in the NBA, how the programs of college football think they are going to play this fall?

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