Slimmed-down Corrie star Colson Smith reveals a new healthy lifestyle in locking


Corrie favorite Colson Smith has shown he continues his epic locking fitness regime with impressive results. Slimmed-down Colson, who plays Craig Tinker in Coronation Street, shared a time lapse video of himself working outdoors with an assortment of weights.

The soap star looked in great shape as it trained with a dumbbell, kettle bells and a medicine ball as it made the best of the sun.

Sharing the video on his Instagram stories, he captioned “Better Weather” with a starry-eyed emoji.

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Colson recently joked that he might have to wear a greasy suit when he returns to work on the pavements of Coronation Street after locking after “losing about 10 stones.

The 21-year-old actor swapped his red hair for a blonde.

He said on his weekly podcast the Sofa Cinema Club with co-stars Jack P Shepherd and Ben Price: “We are in direct continuity, but I’ve almost lost about 10 stones since we left work so I’m not sure that (my hair) is going to be the biggest of their problems.

“Maybe I’m wearing a wig and a big suit when we get home.”

Colson as Craig Tinker

After Colson shared a recent photo of himself in his running gear on Instagram a follower said: “You look amazing.

“Omg you look very well how did you lose all that weight?”

“Wow you look amazing, well done,” said another fan.

Colson has played Beth Sutherland’s son Craig in Coronation Street since 2011.

On the screen, his character as a police officer started after noticing that he was out of breath as he pursued the shoplifters.

Craig told his friends that he was going to make an effort to get healthier after being bullied at work.

The Corrie cast and crew returned to the set at Trafford Wharf on Monday for the first time after the lockdown was imposed with new security measures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of people working in the studio was stripped back to the “minimum absol inis”, the cast and crew have their temperature taken as they arrive on set and filming the location has been set aside indefinitely.


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