Sleazy Coronation Street link between Geoff and Daniel Nicky’s love interest “exposed”


Daniel Osborne was deeply upset after discovering Nicky’s true identity, but fans of Coronation Street are convinced that she also has a connection with cobblestone villain Geoff Metcalfe.The grieving father, played by Rob Mallard, finally left his house after being persuaded to do so by Adam Barlow.

While attending a drink reception, Daniel met Nicky and the pair seemed to get along incredibly well.

But when she suggested they take their drinks to a hotel room, Daniel was horrified to find out that she was actually an escort and barged in.

Corrie fans are convinced that Nicky has a connection with Geoff

Geoff has paid escorts in the past

The following week, however, a lonely Daniel drowned his sorrows and ended up visiting Nicky in a hotel – but he ended up talking to him about his late wife Sinead… for which he ended up paying £ 220.

However, some viewers have become convinced that Nicky may be related to Geoff, who is known to pay for sex with prostitutes.

During Geoff’s marriage to Yasmeen, he snuck out to have fun with an escort – and even continued to rejoice at his wife.

Daniel was devastated to discover that Nicky was actually an escort

Geoff gave Yasmeen a dress he bought for an escort

Could Geoff have paid Nicky for sex in the past? And how will she react when she hits him on Corrie?

Earlier this month, actor Joe Duttine teased that a revelation about his mother’s treatment of Geoff would turn his character Tim against his father.

Speaking to TV Times, Joe helps: “I think the more evidence there is against Geoff from Tim’s trusted people, the more Tim could turn. [Tim] may be a little gullible, but he’s not stupid.

“I don’t think Tim will necessarily be on the side and sympathize with Yasmeen because he doesn’t really care about her.

“But if he finds out that his father behaved like this with his mom, it’s a whole different story. I think he will eventually distance himself from him. ”

* Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. on ITV


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