Sky Sports Specialist Matt Le Tissier Says He’s Going To “Revise” With Black Lives Matter Badge


Sky Sports Specialist Matt Le Tissier Says He “Examines” Wearing Black Lives Matter Badge On TV After Sympathizing With Twitter User’s Claim That The Movement Has A “Far left ideology”.

Since the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in the United States last month, there have been worldwide protests and scandals against racism and racial discrimination, and the world of sport has shown its support for the Black Lives Matter movement .

Sky Sports presenters and guests wore Black Lives Matter badges when they appeared in programs, but Le Tissier now says he has had talks with his bosses about it.

Matt Le Tissier says he is examining the use of Black Lives Matter badges on Sky Sports

Southampton legend and former English international responded to a tweet accusing him of “promoting a far left ideology” and said he had spoken with Sky Sports leaders about it.

Black Lives Matter encourages #DefundThePolice slogan amid protests over alleged police violence against blacks, saying they “call for an end to the systemic racism that allows this culture of corruption to go unchecked and kill our lives. “

Le Tissier launched the debate by urging his supporters to delete it on Twitter if they came from “the far right or the far left”.

Former Southampton star asked Twitter followers to remove it if they were on the far left or far right

The ex-Southampton star asked Twitter followers to remove it if they were on the far left or the far right

‘Morning peeps, polite ask, if you are on the far right or on the far left, do me and yourself a favor, it will be good for yours and our sanity as I could not give 2 hoots how many followers I have I won’t be offended.

A Twitter user replied, “If you’re in the center of Matt, why wear a badge promoting a far left ideology? “

The 51-year-old replied, “This is a good point and one that I have already made to my boss. “

Another said, “Maybe you should review your BLM badge,” to which he replied, “I’m in the process of revising.”

There was a lot of reaction and debate after Le Tissier’s tweet, with another user saying that he “hated this badge of left and right.”

And one of them responded by saying “the BLM badge was a bit shady”.

Le Tissier said he `` revised '' his use of the Black Lives Matter badge in Sky Sports shows

The Tissier said he “revised” his use of the Black Lives Matter badge in Sky Sports programming

Speaking from their perspective on the police on the Black Lives Matter website, the movement says that Floyd’s death was a “breaking point” and “a reminder that, for blacks, law enforcement does not protect and save our lives. They threaten them and take them often ”.

Instead, they called for “national police dismemberment,” demanding “investments in our communities and resources to ensure that black people not only survive, but thrive.”

Sky Sports said that Le Tissier had approached them to wear a Black Lives Matter badge “as a talking point” and that the former midfielder had been informed that he was not required to wear one.


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