Six Canadian companies are World Economic Forum’s annual list of the tech pioneers


The World Economic Forum has appointed six Canadian companies in its annual list of tech pioneers.

Of the 100 companies named to the list joining a FORUM program that aims to give the next generation of innovators a voice in the resolution of global problems, and to examine how new technologies are transforming business models and society.

Artificial Intelligence-powered content moderation of the company’s Two Hat, verification of the identity of the service Truiloo and air-capture technology of the company Carbon Engineering represented B. C. on the list.

Ontario was represented by the software company Axonify, and MindBridge, a company that uses artificial intelligence to help the finance and accounting sector.

Polystyrene recycling company Polystyvert was the only Quebec business to-do list.

The companies that made the list in previous years include tech giants Airbnb, Google, Twitter, Spotify, and Kickstarter.

This report, published by The Canadian Press was first published on June 22, 2020


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