Singapore, France agree to maintain supply chains for open and connected essential food, Government and Economy


Mon, June 08, 2020 – 9:41 p.m.

[SINGAPORE] Singapore and France agreed to maintain open and connected supply chains for essential food supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic.The two countries affirmed their intention to do so in a joint statement by Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, and The French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Didier Guillaume, on Monday.

The statement said ministers recognized that it was in their mutual interest to ensure that transport and delivery links remained open.

This will facilitate the flow of essential food and agricultural products, which is important for food security.

“Ministers will work with relevant service providers on air and sea cargo needs for food and agricultural supplies as part of this joint declaration,” he said.

The two ministers will also facilitate partnerships and collaboration between food companies, importers and distributors in both countries.

In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said the joint ministerial statement was issued following a video conference between Mr. Chan and Mr. Guillaume on the same day.

They were accompanied by Singapore’s Ambassador to France Zainal Mantaha and French Ambassador to Singapore Marc Abensour.

Chan said the two countries were strategic partners and economic relations were strengthened by the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, which came into force last November.

“Beyond improving bilateral trade in agri-food products, we can do a lot with French partners in areas such as agri-food technology, food safety standards,” he said.

French agri-food exporters can also use Singapore as a platform to serve the rest of Southeast Asia, Chan said.



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