Sick Heidi Klum checks with Howie Mandel: “America has Talent


“America’s Got Talent” is just not the same with Heidi Klum sick with fever. Fortunately, the popular German judge was able to telephone with Howie mandel during Tuesday of the fifth episode to give an update on his health. “It’s not the same here. How do you feel physically? ” Howie asked his patient, bedridden, co-judge. Heidi responded with sniffles that she “agrees” and has everything she needs. She fell ill during the middle of Season 15 of the auditions and was replaced on the jury by Eric Stonestreet. Heidi then tested negative for the coronavirus.

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“Are you drinking lots of fluids?” Howie asked. “To drink a lot of water. This is the way I live my life, even when we are not doing it. I always have, if I have a fever, I’m in another house or I’m going to stay somewhere. Is it nothing – I feel we should do something. ”

“No, I just wanted to say hi,” said Heidi, surrounded by pillows and blankets.

Howie in turn smiles, “Aww. We love you and I will check with you later. Okay? To feel better.”

Season 15 of Heidi returns to “america’s Got Talent” after a break from staying out of last summer’s cycle. She had been with the show since Season 8, where she and Mel B replaced a single judge, Sharon Osbourne. This season, Heidi is sitting between Howie and Simon Cowellwith new judge Sofia vergara taking the fourth seat. Heidi is also a regular expert on the NBC spin-off channel for the series “AGT: The Champions.”

Fortunately, before she got sick, Heidi was able to push her Golden Buzzer for the soul singer Cristina Rae. Heidi originally wanted to “wait until next week or the week after” to the press, her Golden Buzzer, but changed her mind when she heard Cristina sing. “[She] is just girdling and its range is like beyond crazy. I always go with my guts and my goose-the appearance of pimples. The two were going on, so I had to go for it, ”Heidi explained.

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