Showcase Cinemas share what places will look like when they re-open on July 4


Cinemas received the news they had been waiting for today, when the Prime Minister announced that they could begin to reopen from 4 July. Businesses across the hospitality industry have been waiting eagerly for the news of the reopening since their doors closed in March due to the coronavirus lock.

This morning, Boris Johnson, has announced the theater was opening across the country, provided that they are ” Covid Secure “.

Now, Showcase Cinemas, which takes place on the East Lancashire Road Norris Green, revealed major changes that will be put in place when he reopened the sites.

When Showcase Cinemas reopened its doors on July 4, it will be again improved the health and safety measures for clients and staff, with a limited capacity, the social distance and the staggered hours of cinema.

To make the sites ” Pretty Sure “, the clients will be encouraged to wear face coverings and several hand sanitizing stations will be available on the premises.

After each screening, there will also be an in-depth cleaning of the plan, which includes antiviral fogging machines to eliminate airborne viruses to be used on all seats in each screen between the watch and at the end of the day.

Each screen will also have a new air purifying system to kill airborne viruses.

The perspex screens have been installed in the up-to-points and amateur films, will now be able to order their food and drink in advance to be collected from a designated pick-up station.

So as to avoid contact between staff and clients, film the participants can analyze their own tickets using their smartphones or the self-service collection machine in the lobby of the hotel.

On the re-opening of the doors to present the Cinemas, the UK managing director Mark Barlow, said: “We are really excited about welcoming film fans back for showcase cinemas.

“We have been busy preparing for our re-opening by making all of our sites Showcase Safe as possible for the comfort of staff and clients, which has always been our priority.

“We encourage all our customers to use the hand sanitizer available, wash hands, wear a face covering and the practice of social distancing when the interior of the movie theater.

“There are some fantastic films to be released in 2020 and we can’t wait to see people enjoy your movies back on the big screen. We also brought some of their classic hits and recent favorites in the back to remind everyone how great it is to see them in the cinema.”

Welcome cinemagoers, Showcase Cinemas will be screening a multitude of classic films for only £5 a ticket, before hosting screenings of Disney’s Mulan and Christopher Nolan Tenet later, in July.


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