Show that the planes are still safe without distance flight: B. C. Minister of health


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The minister of Health of British Columbia is looking for answers after that canada’s two major airlines have announced changes to a policy that has enabled the physical distance on the flights.Adrian Dix says he wants to know why from Wednesday, major airlines no longer leave the seats intermediate of the planes empty.

“Yes, I will talk to my federal counterpart to this question. I will ask what I expect of them, that is to say, if there is evidence showing that this is safe or that the risks are acceptable, ” he said.

“It is important to show also, if you are Air Canada and WestJet, through all of your other actions, your determination to stop the spread of the COVID-19. You can’t just talk about it in terms of the economic value to the airline, although this is very important in our country. ”

He noted that the port covers-faces has value when there is no alternative to physical separation, but can not replace.

The Canadians have already expressed their concern at the impending change, some cancelling of flights and other requesting refunds.

Watch: Canadians are concerned about travel, as Westjet and Air Canada sell seats intermediate

The provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has also said that the policy of remote in-flight airlines that do not fall within its jurisdiction, but it assumes that there is evidence to support this decision.

Transport Canada says in a press release that it has published a set of guidelines for the aviation industry, including recommendations on the spacing of passengers on board planes, but this is not mandatory.

Airlines underline the health recommendations of the International Air Transport Association.

The business group has called for the end of the rules of distancing physical flight last month, proposing instead a series of other measures.

-With files from Taylor Braat, Derek Craddock and the Canadian Press


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