Should Zoey choose Max or Simon?


One of the main themes of Zoey’s
Extraordinary playlist
is that Zoey is stuck in the middle of a love
triangle and she doesn’t know who to choose. Does it have to be Max or Simon? Here is
The presentation of Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Zoey’s complicated love life.

Zoey and Simon

John Clarence Stewart as Simon, Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke, Skylar Astin as Max | NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

It is clear that Zoey is more physically attracted to Simon. It is
an attractive guy, so we can’t really blame him. However, it takes more than
physical attraction to maintain a relationship. It’s nice to be extremely
attracted to your partner, but a relationship will fall flat without more

Zoey digs Simon, but looks more like her therapist
just love interest. Whenever Simon and Zoey speak, the conversation turns
the death of his father and how he copes with the pain. Simon feels closer to
Zoey after their discussions, but he seems to be getting the most out of the relationship
than Zoey. At this point, she should charge him for his time. Another
the problem is that an emotional affair was brewing between them while Simon was hired.
Who will say that the same thing will not happen again with another woman if Zoey
and Simon start dating?

Zoey and Max

Max is more in love with Zoey than with him. He looks her in the eye like a lost puppy and clings to her with every word. Unfortunately, Zoey just doesn’t feel the same. Most of the time, she looks bored or distracted every time they speak. It seems Zoey likes Max’s company and friendship, but if we’re honest, she could achieve the same results with a dog.

Max has had high hopes for a relationship with Zoey since they recently shared a kiss. However, that kiss probably meant more to him than to her. Zoey just responded to how she felt at the time, but Max saw it as his agreement to enter into a serious relationship. Once her feelings have changed, she will return directly to Simon.

The verdict

Skylar Astin and Jane Levy | NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Skylar Astin and Jane Levy | NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Zoey is better alone. She just lost her father and she is
not in a place where she should enter into a serious relationship. Zoey is
confused right now and doesn’t seem to know what she wants. If it starts
with Simon, it will only be a long therapy session. They both cry
the loss of their father, so most of their interactions will focus on the theme of

Zoey’s time would be better spent on a support group or
therapy with a real therapist. If Zoey goes out with Max, she’ll probably be very
selfish in the relationship. She will take whatever she can get from him and
then break up with him once he has met his needs. We don’t think it would be
to be fair to Max. He would most likely give much more than he receives.

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