Should I self-quarantine for 14 days after the trip


What are the current self-quarantine rules after a trip?

Under current rules, all arrivals must isolate themselves for 14 days and provide an accommodation address to which they will do so.

This address is declared on forms which will be filled in online before going to airports or seaports.

This includes Britons returning from other countries, in addition to new arrivals from other countries.

Arrivals are required to provide contact details and address, as well as travel plans.

If a person does not have adequate accommodation, they should stay in “government-organized facilities” at their own expense.

Are there any exemptions?

A very limited number of exemptions will be in place for freight workers, foreign officials and health professionals. Travel from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands will also be exempt.

A full list of exemptions can be found here.

Who will apply quarantine?

The quarantine will be managed and enforced by the Border Forces, police officers and officials from Public Health England.

They will have the power to visit the homes of all those affected by the new rules and to carry out spot checks.

It is planned that around 100 spot checks will be carried out every day from mid-June. Although law enforcement is used as a “last resort”, those who refuse to comply with the laws may be denied entry to the United Kingdom.

Paul Lincoln, the director general of Border Force, said that spot checks would also take place at the border.

Detecting any “obvious error” in arrival responses could force them to fill out more forms or refuse entry.


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