Shots during the murderous demonstration by Breonna Taylor in Louisville were filmed; police say shooter was protester


Shocking video released showing gunshots echoing in Louisville, Kentucky to protest justice for Breonna Taylor who killed one and injured another on Saturday, police revealed the sniper was a comrade protester.

Tyler Charles Gerth, 27, of Louisville, died Saturday night of a gunshot wound, the office of the Jefferson County Coroner said. Officials said at a press conference on Sunday that they would not identify the suspect at the time pending further investigation, but said he was injured in the incident. incident and that he was still in hospital detention.

“The man had participated in the demonstration from the start and had been arrested several times in the past few weeks. Other park members have repeatedly asked him to leave because of his disruptive behavior, “said Louisville deputy police chief Robert Schroeder. “In addition to this man, several other people in the park were armed at the time of the incident, and our homicide investigators are still working to identify any parties who may have shot during the incident. ”


The video from the cell phone captured the moments when a man in black shorts and wearing a black backpack lifted a gun and started to fire around 9:00 p.m. Almost two dozen shots were heard in less than a minute. We have seen people hide to hide. The man’s recording shouted, “Oh my God! When meeting someone in a pool of blood in the park.

Schroeder also showed a surveillance video showing when the shooter started shooting, causing panic among those camping in the park. Louisville metro police responded to gunfire in the park in four minutes.

Staff at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the park and took action to rescue the man who ultimately died at the scene, police said.

Law enforcement officials also responded to calls regarding a second victim who was shot dead at the courthouse across from the park. The individual was rushed to hospital and is expected to survive.

According to the police department, a team from Metro Public Works has started to pack tents. Personal effects would be secure and available for pickup later Sunday. Louisville chief of public services Amy Hess said the city would apply its ban on all camping gear and temporary shelters inside the park after the shooting on Saturday.

“It’s a security issue at this point. Over the past few nights, we have seen increasingly dangerous behavior. We saw several fights. We have also seen an increasing number of weapons that worry us, but all of this led to activities last night and gunfire last night, “said Hess. “But still, we wanted to balance the exercise of the First Amendment to freedom of expression, the need to meet, while understanding that the orders were in place for a reason, and that was particularly to help protect security public. ”

Mayor Greg Fischer has asked the public not to let the shooting divert attention from the message of “peaceful protesters”.

“I ask everyone to put aside all the differences and work together for the change we want to see,” said Fischer. “We cannot allow this act of senseless violence to slow down or stop what peaceful protesters demand in our city and country and demand that we dismantle once and for all racist systems and institutions which for too long have denied equality rights, access and opportunities for too many people just because of the color of their skin. ”

Before the shooting, the mayor, a Democrat, said last Thursday that he was “aware of rumors suggesting that armed militias will come to downtown Louisville this weekend.”

“Our message is simple: we don’t need you here. Our goal is to facilitate peaceful protests, ”he tweeted.

Sunday’s press conference clarified that the shooter was a protester. Social media speculation suggests that a group of armed patriots may have been responsible for the shooting. Schroeder also closed other rumors that Metro police paid the gunman to open fire on the protesters.

Members of a group called “American Freedom Fighters” planned a counter demonstration in Louisville on Saturday against those who camped to force the authorities to prosecute the officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor, the Courier-Journal reported. Despite the arrival of firearms in the city, most members of the group dispersed before the shooting began.

It was not the first filming in Louisville during an event dedicated to Taylor. Seven people were injured on May 28 when gunshots broke out near City Hall. In response, Taylor’s mother issued a statement imploring protesters to fight for justice “without being injured.” ”

Taylor was shot dead and by plainclothes officers carrying out a “no-hit” search warrant on her apartment in March as part of a drug investigation. No drugs were found at the scene.

Her boyfriend said he thought someone broke into the apartment in the middle of the night and shot the police. Taylor was struck by the officers’ return fire.


The city has since banned strike bans. No charges have been laid against the officers involved in his death. An officer, Brett Hankison, was forcibly dismissed last week.


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