Shot by Rayshard Brooks: an officer of Atlanta-charged with murder-crime | Atlanta


The officer from Atlanta, who was shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in the back after the man on the run pointed a stun gun in his direction, faces 11 charges, including a crime of murder, said on Wednesday a prosecutor.

Prosecutors said that Brooks, who was black, was no threat when he was shot and that the white officer gave him kicks and offered no medical treatment while he lay dying on the ground.

Brooks was holding a stun gun that he had ripped off the officers, but at 18 feet and 3 inches away when he was shot dead by officer Garrett Rolfe and ran away at the time, said prosecutor Paul Howard in announcing the charges five days after the murder outside a Wendy s. restaurant shook the city.

The shooting has triggered new protests in the Georgian capital against police brutality, after that events sometimes turbulent in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis had largely simmered. The chief of police of Atlanta, Erika Shields, has resigned less than 24 hours after the death of Brooks.

Howard made the announcement of the agent Rolfe during a press conference in the city, which had been eagerly awaited by many, including activists for the reform of the police. Rolfe had already been dismissed after having killed a mortally Brooks, age 27, on Friday night.

“We concluded at the time that Mr. Brooks was shot that it did not represent an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officers,” said Howard.

The widow of Brooks, Tomika Miller, attended the press conference with her lawyers, Justin Miller and Chris Stewart.

The new is coming when the republicans on Capitol Hill have unveiled a set of measures to reform the police and that the movement to get rid of the monuments of confederate and other symbols of racist offensive has reached the table of the american breakfast, with the manufacturer of the syrup and the pancake mix from aunt Jemima, moving from 131 years. former brand.

The police was called in a restaurant of Wendy as a result of complaints about a car blocking the lane of traffic. An officer found Brooks fell asleep behind the wheel of the car and called another officer to perform any of the field sobriety tests in the field.

The video of the camera on the body of the police shows Brooks and the officers having a conversation in a relatively quiet and respectful for more than 40 minutes before things quickly become violent. Brooks has struggled with officers, grabbed one of their stun guns and turned around and pointed at one of them while crossing the parking lot.

An autopsy revealed that Brooks had received two bullets in the back.

In announcing the charges, Brooks has revealed details of worrying about the incident. Howard revealed that Rolfe knew that the taser that Brooks had taken was not functional, because it had already been shot twice and was therefore of no use when he was shot twice on Brooks in the back while he fled.

The detail points out that Rolfe was apparently aware that he was not in physical danger when he killed Brooks. Cameras have also captured Rolfe, giving a kick to Brooks while he was on the ground fighting for his life.

“I’ve got it!” the prosecutor cited Rolfe.

The murder charge for a crime against Rolfe is punishable by life in prison or the death penalty, if prosecutors choose to ask for it. Howard recommended that Rolfe was detained without bail.

Devin Brosnan, the other police officer in Atlanta involved in the murder, is facing three charges, including aggravated assault and a violation of the oath. The charge of aggravated assault is related to the fact that Brosnan stood on the shoulders of Brooks after being shot by the officer Rolfe.

Howard said that Brosnan was cooperating with his office and that he is willing to testify against Rolfe, a relatively rare case where an officer has agreed to give evidence against another.


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