SHA and Hutterites Security Council issued a Joint Statement


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In the light of recent events, the Health of Saskatchewan, the Authority which has taken the unusual step of releasing a joint statement with the Hutterites of the Security Council.

The full text can be found here

Dr. David Torr, is the consulting medical health officer for Rural areas of Saskatchewan the Health of the Region. He has been active in the communities the Hutterites since the epidemic was declared.

In collaboration with the Hutterites Security Council COVID-19 working group, they have published a two-page missive on the SHA web site to talk about recent events and its impact on the affected communities.

“We recognize that we are bound by our common humanity, our susceptibility to illness and disease. However, we are also aware of how quickly the stigmatization of individuals or peoples may cause division and conflict. ”

It came after a number of colonies that had, to this point, has not been affected by the pandemic, came forward to express concerns about the stigma when the csa has chosen to publish the location of the most recent outbreak.

The full statement is posted below and is available on the Saskatchewan Health web site of the Authority.

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