Several MLB players and the team staff test positive for Covid-19, by report


It is not known how many of the players or staff have tested positive, or the teams that have been affected, according to USA Today.

The news of the positive tests has been published in a letter obtained by usa Today sent from the MLB Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem of the Player Association’s attorney Bruce Meyer, as the two sides work to reach a formal agreement to get the player back on the field, in order to recover at least a portion of the season.

“The proliferation of COVID-19 homes across the country during the last week, and the fact that we already know of several 40-man list of players and staff who have been tested positive, has increased the risks associated with start spring training in the next few weeks,” Halem said.

Both parties are trying to hammer on complex issues like player compensation, quarantine measures for the players, and the number of games to play.

Several players are publicly questioning the leak of the letter, on social media, that the negotiations between the two parties took a turn for the worse, in these last days.Washington nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle tweeted on Monday, ” First of all, I hope everyone is feeling ok and recovering well. But the timing of this leak is questionable, and it feels really gross.”

New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso added“It is almost as if they planned it. “Chicago Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo written “Good timing “.

CNN has joined MLB and the players union for the confirmation about this report.


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