Several members of the staff of WWE would have tested positive for COVID-19, including talent in the ring


Photo credit: WWE, WWE Logo

As shown for the first time by Pro Wrestling Sheet, we can add WWE to the short list of sports organisations affected by COVID-19. After the first case of COVID-19 confirmed the last week has caused a delay in their registration and their first tests of mass for the disease, the internal sources say that at least three other people who were at the Performance Center during the recordings have received test results that are positive. It is unknown the exact number of positive results and how many of them are performers in the ring.

Sources also claim that the WWE will now have more tests before the tv recordings of this week to ensure that the disease has not spread in the locker room or behind the scenes. The Performance Center is located in Orlando, Florida, in the middle of a State that knows every day an increase in the rate of infection since he has decided to reopen its activities two weeks ago.

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