Seth Meyers urges viewers to “vote Trump” after “horrifying” biblical photo shoot


Seth Meyers called Donald Trump’s speech from Rose Garden as the gas-vented peaceful protesters outside the White House doors were “one of the most threatening moments” of his presidency to date.

As the Late at night the host says, Trump “has only two modes: a threatening sociopath or a soft fries that sits at the bottom of the bag absorbing all the oil. Both were present in the president’s speech, as he hovered between “demonstrators” threatening with military force and “cowardly” reading “empty platitudes” on his teleprompter that he had clearly never seen before.

“I know that our brains have all melted because of the constant and egregious anarchy and the general strangeness of this administration,” said Meyers. “And nothing seems more real and we’re all set to move on to the next thing because Trump will inevitably do something weird the next day. “


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