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LONDON, On the 23rd of June 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Seismicthe industry leader and award-winning sales and marketing orchestration platform provider, has expanded its EMEA footprint with new offices in Paris, France and Düsseldorf, Germany in order to better adapt its offer in the region. The expansion comes in response to the success of Seismic has seen so far in the EMEA region, as well as the rapid growth in demand for its best-in-class solutions in the world.Since Seismic has opened its Londonbased on the EMEA region in 2018, it has helped to open the way to much better sales in the region. Earthquake has more than doubled its customer base year-on-year in the EMEA region, while simultaneously scaling its team to support local customers. The new offices in France and Germany will be the position of the Seismic to meet the needs of European companies who are ready to improve the way they engage with potential customers throughout their journeys, which ultimately increases success rates, shortening sales cycles, and improving incomes.

“Organizations worldwide are increasingly seeing the need for modern approaches to sales enablement and marketing orchestration – including engaging with potential customers in a very convincingly on the set of their buyers ‘journeys,” said Kevin O’regan, vice-president of sales EMEA at Seismic. “This is particularly true today, in a business environment where organizations are forced to adapt very quickly and should also allow the vendors to operate digitally rather than face-to-face. With our European expansion, the Seismic is a much better position to help organizations quickly implement and drive success with the Seismic Storytelling Platform. ”

Local clients such as SoftBank Robotics Europe and GEFA Fabritz GmbH have already discovered the benefits of the Seismic platform.

“Our sales force deals with a lot of technical and constantly changing information,” said Sunny Chen, Director Of Strategic Marketing, SoftBank Robotics Europe. “It is essential that they work closely with the marketing team so that they always have access to the most recent version of marketing collateral to promote and useful interactions with customers. Now that Seismic exploration has a local support in Francewe can continue to make the best use of their industry leading platform to get results. ”

To this day, new customers have used Seismic to effectively launch their sales enablement and storytelling, the ecosystems, to stimulate the growth and provide a more consistent and meaningful customer journey.

“For a long time, we looked for a platform that would allow our sellers to take advantage of digital channels to effectively communicate and engage with customers and buyers in search of gardening and landscaping services “, said Dipl.-Oec Thorsten A. Fabritz, executive Director, GEFA Fabritz GmbH. “Seismic has played an important role in helping us to differentiate ourselves as a leader in our industry so that we can continue the growth of the German and european customer base and serve our dealers, associates, and other authorities. ”

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On Seismic

Seismic is the industry leader in the marketing and sale of solution, the alignment of go-to-market teams while providing buyer experience that the engine of growth. Seismic Platform Storytelling™ offers innovative capabilities for marketers to orchestrate the delivery of content across all channels, and for sellers to engage with potential buyers, convincing, resonant, and at each stage of the buyer journey. More than 600 companies, including IBM, American Express, and Quest Diagnostics have been Seismic in their sales enablement platform of choice. The Seismic Storytelling Platform™ integrates with critical business platforms, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and Adobe. Seismic is based in San Diegowith offices across North America, Europeand Australia.

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