Security guard attacks man trying to steal downtown Fresno from bank, allows police to arrest him


FRESNO, California. (KFSN) – A tense situation in downtown Fresno ended with a handcuffed man after police say suspect Richard Martinez tried to steal the Westamerica Bank from Tulare and O Street. “During this time, several people ran and officers arrived very shortly, while the matter was still inside,” said Fresno Police Captain Joe Alvarez.Shortly after 10 Tuesday morning, the suspect made his way inside the bank, located just around the corner from the Prefecture of Police. He delivered to the counter a note demanding cash and claiming that he was armed of two pistols.

Customers panicked and ran out of the branch and the bank’s neighbors are housed in the same building went on lockdown.

Law enforcement surrounded the building while trying to defuse the situation.

As the officers attempted to enter the interior, a security guard took the suspect.

The police quickly entered and within a minute came with their suspect in their wrists.

According to investigators, 45-year-old Martinez did not have a gun, but was armed with a knife.

They add that the suspect has a criminal history and is suffering from a mental illness.

No one was injured in the attempted robbery while the police are still trying to determine what costs the suspect will face.

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