Second statue of Winston Churchill vandalized with graffiti after BLM protests


Francis Drake – ship captain and slave trader Drake was the first sailor to make an entire voyage in the world in a single voyage from 1577 to 1580.

He helped his cousin, John Hawkins, capture slaves from the Americas and sell them to Spanish plantations.

William Gladstone

Gladstone is a former British Prime Minister whose family owned slaves in the Caribbean.

He was actively opposed to the anti-slavery movement in Britain.

When slavery was banned, he helped his father get the equivalent of £ 10.3 million today in exchange for the release of his slaves.

Horatio nelson

A Royal Navy flag officer known for his inspiring leadership and unconventional tactics during the Napoleonic Wars. He was a supporter of the slave trade and actively tried to thwart the abolitionist movement in Britain.

James George Smith Neill – monument – Ayr, Wellington Square

Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde – Statue – Glasgow, George Square

Sir Robert Peel – Statue – Glasgow, George Square

Henry Dundas – Statue – Edinburgh, St Andrew Square

Grey’s Monument – Newcastle Upon Tyne, rue Grainger

William Armstrong – Memorial – Newcastle Upon Tyne, Eldon Place

Statue of Sir Robert Peel in George Square, Glasgow

Robert Peel – Statue – Leeds, Woodhouse Moor

Robert Peel – Statue – Preston, Winkley Square

Robert Peel – Statue – Bury

Robert Peel – Statue – Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens

Oliver cromwell – Statue – Manchester, Wythenshawe Road

Oliver cromwell – Statue – Warrington, Bridge Street

Bryan Blundell – Blundell House – Liverpool, Liverpool Blue Coat School

Christopher Colombus – Statue – Liverpool, Sefton Park Palm House

William Leverhulme – Statue – Wirral, outside the Lady Lever art gallery

Henry Morton Stanley – Statue – Denbigh, Hall Square

William Gladstone – Statue – Hawarden, Gladstone Library, Church Lane

Elihu Yale – Wetherspoons Pub – Wrexham, Regent Street

Black man head cartoon – Ashbourne, the green man

Robert Clive – Statue – Shrewsbury, the square

Robert Peel – Statue – Tamworth, 27 Market Street

H Morton Stanley – Park – Redditch, Morton Stanley Park

Statue of Oliver Cromwell on Bridge Street, Warrington

Oliver cromwell – Statue – St Ives, Market Hill

Ronald A. Fisher – Memorial – Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College

Sir Thomas Picton – Memorial – Carmarthen, Picton Terrace

General Nott – Statue – Carmarthen, Nott Square

Thomas Phillips – Commemorative plaque – Brecon, Captain’s Walk

Cecil Rhodes – Statue – Oxford, Oriel College

Christopher codrington – Rename library – Oxford, Codrington Library, All Souls College

Rename Rhodes Arts Complex and Rhodes Avenue – Bishop’s Stortford, Cecil Rhodes

Sir Thomas Picton – Statue – Cardiff, Cardiff City Hall

Edward Colston – Rename Colston Hall and Colston Street – Bristol, Colston Street

Henry Overton Wills III – Wills Memorial Building – Bristol, University of Bristol

Edward Colston – Statue – Bristol, Bristol Harbor

Edward Colston – Building – Bristol, Colston Tower, Colston Street

Captain Edward August Lendy and Captain Charles Frederick Lendy– Memorial statue – Sunbury-on-Thames, Pantiles Court

Edward Colston – Rename Colston Road – Mortlake, Colston Road

William Beckford – School – London, Dornfell Street

Statue of Robert Clive in the square, Shrewsbury

Robert Geffrye – Statue located on the Museum of the Home – London, Kingsland Road

Francis Galton – Galton Lecture Theater – London, Gower Street

Charles II of England – Statue – London, Soho Square Gardens

King james ii – Statue – London, Trafalgar Square

Robert Clive – Statue – London, Westminster, King Charles Street

Oliver cromwell – Statue – London, Houses of Parliament

Sir Robert Clayton – Statue – London, St Thomas ‘Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road

Sir Henry De la Beche – Name in front of Imperial College – London, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus

Christopher Colombus – Monument – London, Belgrave Square Garden

Thomas guy – Statue – London, Guys Hospital

Thomas guy – London, Guy’s Hospital

Robert Milligan – Statue – London, Tower Hamlets, West India Quay

Sir Francis Drake, Robert Blake, Horatio Nelson – Statues – London, Deptford City Hall, Goldsmiths College

Sir Francis Drake, Robert Blake and Horatio Nelson – Statues – London, goldsmiths Uni Deptford Town Hall

Statue of Sir Robert Clayton on Westminster Bridge Road, London

Lord Kitchener – Statue – Chatham, Khartoum Road

Admiral Sir Edward Codrington – Plaque – Brighton, Western Road

William Ewart Gladstone – Plaque – Brighton, Royal Albion Hotel

Christopher Barry Russell – Office – Cosham, Admiral House

Redvers Buller – Statue – Exeter, Hele Road

Francis Drake – Statue – Tavistock, Drakes roundabout

Nancy Astor – Statue – Plymouth, Hoe Park

Francis Drake – Statue – Plymouth, Plymouth Hoe


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