Search for an integration partner on 6.8 billion pounds sterling on the crossing of the lower Thames


The original purchase schedule has been delayed by the coronavirus. An official call for tenders is now scheduled for July 6, about five weeks later than planned, with an online role briefing slated for July 9.The integration partner will provide project and program management services and manage the interfaces for the three main works contracts.

Highways England’s decision to appoint a key integration partner
replaced the initial plans of a first works delivery director for the project.

The agency said it had learned from the Thames Tideway and Crossrail projects, and aimed to create an integrated client team alongside its core team at Highways England and its technical partner.

Under a £ 242 million contract, the integration partner would support the successful integration of the three main planned works contracts.

To improve the capacity and capacity of the client team, Highways England is looking for considerable experience and expertise in carrying out complex construction projects.

The selected company would be involved throughout the life cycle of the project, from the supply and mobilization of three main contractors, the delivery of construction to the commissioning.

For more information, send an email to Highways England before July 9.


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