Scott Disick Mocks Kourtney Kardashian Romance Rumors With Flirty Comment


Looks like Scott Disick plays in the lingering rumors of romance between him and the mother of his four children, Kourtney Kardashian.As fans can remember, earlier this month fans started speculating on one of the Keep In Place With The Kardashians Instagram star posts. Kourtney posted a photo to her social media account where she saw the holding of a baby lamb on a farm, but that was not what drew fans to the attention of reality TV star was rocking baggy blue jeans, a red, white and blue flannel shirt.

According to a fan page, Kourtney seemed to carry the exact amount already worn by his ex Scott.

Now it looks like Scott may have read about this speculation.

Monday afternoon, KUWTK shared two photos of herself in Wyoming wearing white knee-high clothes and a yellow, light blue and white flannel shirt.

So like clockwork, a fan page noticed that Scott left a comment on his Instagram post. “Cute shirt,” Scott wrote.


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