“Sacrified”: anger in China after the death of a doctor in Wuhan because of a coronavirus | Coronavirus epidemic


The death of a doctor at Wuhan “whistleblower hospital” sparked anger at hospital officials for failing to protect front-line health workers from the coronavirus epidemic.

Hu Weifeng, 42, a urologist at Wuhan Central Hospital where whistle-blowing ophthalmologist Li Wenliang worked, died on Tuesday of the virus after a four-month battle. Hu is the sixth doctor in his hospital killed by the virus.

Another doctor who spoke, Ai Fen, said authorities told hospital staff not to wear protective equipment so as not to cause panic and berated her for “causing harm”. stability ”when she tried to warn others of the virus. Li Wenliang also tried to warn his friends and colleagues in December and was punished – for dying from the virus in February alone, causing an unprecedented wave of public anger against the authorities.

A hashtag on Hu’s death had more than 400 million views on Wednesday with more than 46,000 comments. Many of them asked why the hospital leaders had not been punished – particularly Cai Li, head of the hospital’s Communist Party committee.

“From Li Wenliang to Hu Weifeng, medical personnel at Wuhan Central Hospital lost the most during the epidemic. They were killed by the hospital leaders, “wrote a user on Weibo.

“Wuhan officials have all changed. What about the management of the central hospital? Asked a user, referring to the number of municipal and provincial officials who have been dismissed for managing the epidemic. “Cai Li is not even under investigation. Will these doctors and nurses die in vain? Said another.

While most people posted candle emojis and thanked Hu for his sacrifice, others blamed the system, including Cai, for removing voices like Li and Ai that could have alerted medical staff and residents from Wuhan.

“People have not been able to fight the authoritarian system and one after the other they are sacrificed,” said one. “Dealing with Cai Li is a challenge for the foundation of the system. Once this happens, there will be problems later. “

Hu was said to have suffered a brain hemorrhage in April and was in a coma before he died. According to Chinese media reports, when Hu woke up, he said to those around him, “I feel like a little boat in the middle of the ocean. At any time, I could be overwhelmed. “

Additional reporting by Lillian Yang


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