Ryan Giggs strike to Jose Mourinho on unjustified comments


Ryan Giggs hits back at Jose Mourinho on Solskjaer comments

Speaking to talkSPORT (h/t Metro), the former star of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs has taken a blow to Jose Mourinho for his comments about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Norwegian has managed the Portuguese United in December 2018. The club has since shown slow but steady improvement.

A good start has been followed by a dismal end to the season. Armed with a strengthening of the team, Solskjaer has done better this time.

Not only are we in the fight for the top four, but within a distance of the glory, the FA Cup and the Europa League. The season could finish on a high.

Jose Mourinho has been given a sly answer by Ryan Giggs

Known for his mind games, Mourinho could not help but to launch an attack on the united boss. According to the Athletic, he was questioning Solskjaer ability to succeed as United’s boss.

Giggs has taken exception to the comment and has now pulled back. It is believed that Solskjaer has brought back the pride in the players, something that was lacking under Mourinho.

“They are not only good players, but it looks like they are good characters who want to play for the Kingdom-and perhaps what was missing for a couple of years, to get it back was great.”

It seems that Giggs took Mourinho’s bait. It is not a coincidence that the Portuguese is kicking up a storm the week before we face Tottenham.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasinstileld the pride of the United players
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has instileld of pride in the players

A key fixture in the race for the top four, a defeat will be a dagger in Spurs ‘ hopes of Champions League. Mourinho would be well aware of this, it is up to his usual mind tricks.

Solskjaer has done well not to respond to criticism. After all, he is the one who has to look down the table to see where Mourinho team is.

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Although we agree with Giggs feelings to defend his team-mate, questions must be raised about his time under the reign of Louis van Gaal. United have no direction while they were in Mourinho’s last days at the club.

Solskjaer has done well to bring back the pride among the players. Instead of wasting our time in the responses, rather, we hope he does his talking on the field.

Success speaks louder than words, and it can begin by silencing Mourinho to Tottenham this Friday.


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