Ruben Neves Treats Wolves Back In The Middle Of Liverpool Transfer Links


Ruben Neves says he’s in great health, ahead of the Wolves “back in action this weekend.The Wanderers, the midfielder, who has been linked to a move to champions awaiting Liverpool during the season suspension, is itching to return to the field after the Premier League restarted Wednesday evening.

The Wolves ‘first opponents will be at the threatened relegation of West Ham United to the London Stadium on Sunday – a place that invites fond memories of Wolves’ last trip there last season and there is Europa League campaign for resume on the horizon.

Neves has been in desperate need of soccer for the past few months, due to the pandemic coronavirus, and is fully prepared for the marathon of matches set to hit Nuno’s old gold squad in the weeks to come.

“We are really excited to play, Neves said the official website club. “We weren’t playing because it all happened, so it’s a great feeling to be back again, preparing for the game, trying to see the opponent’s details, and it’s really good for us to be back and to be back on track.

“I missed soccer a lot. I think I have never had a long downtime before, even holidays are getting less and less time than it has been, so I really miss playing and I think all players feel the same thing. So we’re really happy to be back in the game and coming back to the Premier League.

“I feel really good. I think the whole team is really well prepared. Our team has done a great job with us, but to be honest with you, the intensity of the game is totally different from the training sessions. ”


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