Royal return: What is in store for the monarchy, after months of isolation?


It was the return to the work week for some members of the Royal Family, after having spent the last three months trying to stay relevant online.A decrease of the COVID-19 infection rate in the uk has led to restrictions slowly lifted, and this means that the members of the royal family are also out of isolation.

Prince Charles was first out the door with a physically distant visit to the hospital, in Gloucestershire, on Tuesday. There, he revealed to health care workers that her sense of smell and taste are still not back, after he has fought the virus in the spring.

Charles also welcomed the President of france Emmanuel Macron in London during the Second World War anniversary in London on Thursday.

Other senior members of the royal family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, has made public appearances to the week — Prince William at a bakery joking about how many sweets he has been eating, and Kate visiting a garden centre.

Great britain, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, talks to members of the staff as she visits Fakenham Garden Centre in Norfolk, 18 June. The Duchess has visited the family of independent business, which opened in 1984, to hear about how the pandemic has had an impact to the society. (Aaron Chown/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

For months, the Royal Family exchanged handshakes to hashtags to connect with their public during the pandemic. A social media expert, said the pandemic the strategy has been a success.

Royal family ” always trying to reinvent themselves “

“The Royal Family are always trying to reinvent themselves,” said Diana Young, a London-based marketing consultant.

By posting videos and participate in video calls, the royals let the people in their home, and this is just what the public needs, said Young, founder of WeSocialis digital marketing agency.

“They want to see real people and realize that they are experiencing the same thing that we are going through. “

Diana Young, the founder of WeSocialis digital marketing agency, said the Royal Family adopted, with success, the social media in isolation. “For me, the real takeaway is that the Royal Family are now able to manage their online reputation,” she said. (Pascal Leblond/CBC)

The younger members of the royal family have been using social media successfully for years, but Prince Charles has only adopted in the last few months.

The Prince Charles, ‘Instagram King’

The Prince of Wales has spent his solitary confinement in Scotland to fill her Instagram feed with a range of posts, serious posts of recipes for cheese eggs.

The “likes” on his posts are gone from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people. A British brand it the ” Instagram King. ”

“For me, the real takeaway is that the Royal Family are now able to manage their online reputation,” says Young.

The members of the royal family may choose to keep some things virtual, because it is more easy to control than traditional media, ” she said.

And this is just a small post-COVID change compared to what royal biographer Andrew Morton predicted, in particular for the 94 years of the Queen.

“The brutal truth is that his reign is effectively over,” he said in a recent interview with The Telegraph.

The queen embraces Zoom

Morton felt that it could be months or years before it is able to carry out royal engagements in person.

“If she gets the bug it could be fatal and would put the Prince Philip at risk as well. The brutal truth is that his reign is effectively over. COVID-19 has done more damage to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell. Corona has practically put Charles on the throne, ” he told the Telegraph.

In this video, take published Thursday, June 11, 2020, by Buckingham Palace, showing Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, centre, and the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, top right, as they take part in a video call with carers supported by the Carers Trust, 4 June 2020. As part of Carers Week in the uk, the 94-year-old monarch has shown that it is prepared to adopt new technologies. (Carer’s Trust and/or to Buckingham Palace via AP)

But not everyone is in agreement that the Queen’s reign is over.

“You don’t necessarily need to start banding around words like Prince of the Regency and of the abdication simply because the Queen is at present not able to do some of the face-to-face,” said Camilla Tominey, associate editor with the Telegraph.

She said that the Queen was present during the pandemic. The monarch made a rare televised speech to the nation, in April, and appeared on a recent Zoom appeal in honour of Carers Week.

“I think in fact that they have managed to turn a crisis into an opportunity, showed that they are up with the times. They have modernized. I think the digital output has been good, and welcomed, ” Tomeny said.

Reduces the military Parade

The Queen has been photographed recently, a horse, and then again last weekend to scale back the military Parade of June 13. The event marks the monarch’s official birthday, normally, with the crowds in London lining the streets to see the Royal Family in the parade. This year, it was a small private event on the grounds of the Castle of Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth II attended a ceremony to mark his 94th birthday at Windsor Castle, on June 13, 202. It was agreed that The Queen’s Birthday Parade, also known as the military Parade would not go ahead in its traditional form. (Toby Melville/WPA pool/Getty Images)

“A lot of people look at a 94-year-old who may have been able to withdraw from public life for the longest time ever in his reign, and they forgive him if she has decided to put his monogrammed slippered feet,” said Tominey.

But this is not the Queen of kind, she said.

Tominey predicted the Queen will be back when it is safe to do so — pointing to the Queen of the currency the royal family ” must be seen to be believed. “


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