Ronnie Wood, his son Jamie raises the lid on the drug fueled by childhood “which made him a drug addict at 14, after having survived a heart attack – Le Soleil


RONNIE Wood, the eldest son Jamie, has lifted the veil on his childhood drug addiction which makes him addicted to 14.

The 45-year-old claims of rock and roll lifestyle being brought in by the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, and his mother Jo de Bois “damaged” him.

Jamie, far left, with Ronnie, Jo and their childrenCredit: Getty – Contributor

“The drugs were normal in my family,” he told MailOnline.

” Mom and dad [by which he means Ronnie] used for partying a lot, you can still smell cannabis in the house. It would float up the stairs and when I was nine or ten, I ran downstairs and find ashtrays full of joints and help myself, then put them behind the microphones.

“It has been an integral part of my education. The drugs were normal in my family, but outside they were demonized – wouldn’t let their children come to my house after school. ”

He says he drove his heroin and cocaine, before sticking them for cannabis and cigarettes.

 Jamie, pictured with mom Jo, recovered from a heart attack at 424
Jamie, pictured with mom Jo, recovered from a heart attack at 42Credit: Rex Features

Jamie is now a father to son Charlie, now 20 and from a previous relationship, Leo, 14, Kobi, 11, and Bo, four.

But in October 2017, Jamie was just 42 when he had a life-threatening heart attack.

“I certainly had some accidental slight overdoses as a boy,” said Ronnie but admits: “Having plaque buildup in my artery and causing a heart attack, was probably more because of the smoking uniform.

“I certainly damaged it myself. What are you waiting for? I grew up in this environment. I thought it was natural for me to take drugs.

“Mum and Dad always knew about drugs, but were pretty common that I was going to make my own decisions. “

 The 73-year-old rocker is the guitarist of the Rolling Stones4
The 73-year-old rocker is the guitarist of the Rolling StonesCredit: Reuters
 Ronnie is a new dad again to twins4
Ronnie is a new dad again to twins

He says he was shocked at a healthier lifestyle when he saw his four children crying at his bedside.

Jamie – whose biological father is Peter Greene was introduced by Jo’s mom and husband Ronnie from when he was very young.

He fell with Ronnie after taking his mother during their separation in 2008, following his affair with the 21-year-old Russian Ekaterina Ivanova.

Despite patching things up, the pair fell again five years ago, they clashed when 73-year-old Ronnie transformed his life and became a daddy again to twins Alice and Gracie Bois.


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