Rolling Stones threaten to sue Donald Trump if he plays their songs at rallies


The Rolling Stones should prosecute Donald Trump if he continues to play their songs at his rallies.After four years of trying to stop him from using their song You Can’t Get Always What You Want, the group turns to the courts to enforce a ban.

The stone legends, Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who co-wrote the song, would be furious if their music was used for political purposes by the president.

Trump, who had a huge argument with the group 31 years ago, plays the 1969 classic at the end of the rallies. He also used Stones hit Start Me Up before arriving on stage. The group sent her a cease and desist letter in 2016, but it was ignored.

The Stones have had enough

Now the British group has stepped up the fight. They said, “It could be the last time Trump uses Jagger / Richards songs in his campaigns.”

In the United States, politicians do not need permission from artists to play their songs at rallies as long as the individual or place has a license from the performing rights organization Broadcast Music, Inc. for any the music he supervises.

But BMI can exclude tracks from the license if a songwriter or publisher objects to their use by a campaign.

The group, which has now implicated the organization, said: “BMI informed Trump on behalf of the Stones that the unauthorized use of their songs would be in violation of its license agreement. If Trump ignores [this], he would face trial. ”

Trump rallies have been called “hate campaign”

Sir Mick, 76, said earlier that you can’t always get what you want is a “strange” choice as a release song, calling it a “sleepy drug ride in Chelsea.”

Keith, also 76, who urged American citizens to “get rid of” Trump, has already suggested that in 1989 he threatened to stab him immediately during a concert by the Stones that the man d business promoted.

After Tom Petty’s hit I Won’t Back Down was played at Trump’s rally nine days ago, the family of the late singer said he would never want one of his songs “to be used for a hate campaign ”.

Yesterday, the president retweeted a video in which a man with Trump campaign posters chanted “white power.”


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