Rishi Sunak could end the triple lock on the State pension due to a coronavirus


RISHI Sunak is planning to put an end to the triple lock on the State pension because of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

The chancellor would consider to remove the increases promised in the midst of concerns about the increasing cost of the pandemic.

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The chancellor plans to freeze the triple-lock pensions

Put an end to the lock would be the manifesto of the conservative pledge to keep the “triple lock” to shreds, ten years after its first introduction by David Cameron.

He has promised to increase the State pension each year in accordance with that which is the higher of: higher wages, inflation, or 2.5 per cent.

According to the Financial Times, Mr Sunak is concerned that the bill locking triple does not fly away due to a decrease in wages caused by the leave scheme of the government.

Nine million workers on leave are currently entitled to 80 per cent of their wages subsidized up to 2, 500 £ per month.

However, Mr Sunak has confirmed that they will soon begin to wean the support of the government, which means that companies will have to pay the salaries of the staff leave plan.

The device will continue until the end of October.

The average salaries will increase next year, leaving the Treasure hold of very strong increases for retirees in 2021.

Now, Mr Sunak is said to have declared that he should be suspended for two years.

Downing Street and the Treasury insisted in a statement that “the government is committed to support the retirees.”

The chancellor and Boris Johnson have refused to exclude the tax hikes, the government is looking for funds during the crisis.

Interviewed last month on the triple lock, Mr Johnson said: “We will respect all our commitments to manifest. Unless I tell you otherwise. ”

Last month, an internal document of the Treasury has declared that the pandemic would cost almost 300 billion pounds this year alone, requiring tax increases, a freeze of salaries in public two-year and the end of the triple lock.

The chancellor was asked about the plans at the time and asked if he would be willing to raise taxes and break the promise in the conservative manifesto not to do so.

And it has refused to exclude it directly.

He said: “of course, it is my job to think to think of everything, but what we think more and more in this moment, it is the protection of the health of the people…

“But also to protect the jobs of people and support businesses at this time, to ensure that we can preserve as much as possible for the time when restrictions will be lifted and we can return to a normal life “, he said.

“This is what occupies all our time in this moment. “

The chancellor Rishi Sunak said that he can not save all the jobs and the challenges ahead


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