Rinne and Saros will compete to become the ultimate guardian of the Predators in the playoffs


Pekka Rinne and Juuse Saros will have an equal chance to win the post of goalkeeper n ° 1 to the Predators in Nashville during the training camp in preparation for their round of qualifying for the Stanley Cup against the Coyotes of Arizona, said the coach John Hynes.

“The player who plays the better or seems more ready, has the best camp … this is the guy you need to go, so it’s going to be a bit of a competition,” said Hynes at ESPN 102.5 The Game on Monday. “I think the good thing is that we think that both guys can help us and, in some of these series and the playoffs, sometimes you are going to need two guys.”If we end up playing games out of competition (during training camp), you would like to give them both the opportunity to play, but it will depend in large part on how they will return to the camp and their performance at the camp. . ”

Saros has become the goalkeeper’s number one after that Rinne struggled this season. Saros had a record of 12-5-1 with a mean of goals allowed from 2.22 and percentage of stops, 934, including a percentage of stops of the same force, in its last 9 games (18 starts) before the break of the NHL season on march 12, because of concerns. surrounding the sars coronavirus. The player of 25 years has ended 17-12-4 with a GAA of 2.70, a percentage of stops, 914 and four shutouts in 40 games (34 starts).

Rinne, who had been the goalkeeper’s number one Nashville since the 2008-2009 season, was 4-6-1 with a GAA of 3.59 and a percentage of stops of .895 (percentage of stops of equal strength to .904) in his last 11 starts. The player 37-year-old finished 18-14-4 with a GAA of 3.17, a percentage of stops of .895 and three shutouts in 36 games (35 starts).

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Rinne has played in 89 consecutive games of the playoffs to the Stanley Cup for the Predators since 2010 and has a record of 45-44 with a GAA of 2.49, a percentage of stops, 914 and five shutouts. He won the Vezina trophy voted as the best goalkeeper in the NHL in 2017-18, when he was 42-13-4 with a GAA 2.31, and a percentage of stops of 927, and tied the keeper of the Tampa Bay Lightning Andrei Vasilevskiy for the head of the NHL with eight shutouts.

But in the last two playoffs, Rinne has a record of 9-10 with a GAA of 3.08 and a percentage of stops .904.

“I will say this, before the break, Saros was hot,” said Hynes. “Pekka was not playing as much, but to be honest, this was not so much that Pekka has not played well, it was that Saros was playing so well that it was not a … everyone has seen it. Pekka has been seen, the team has seen it and [Saros] was in such a groove that it was logical to be able to continue the play. He was looking for ways to win games.

“We have spoken to [Rinne and Saros] during this break, and I think that both players must return with the state of mind that they want the work to start. I do not think that it is probably smart or just getting into a training camp to say that a guy is ahead of the other only because we do not know how they will come back. Will they be ready? Is it that a guy will very well play and not another? We think that both guys can help us win, but it will be a bit of a competition. ”

The NHL has allowed the training sessions to volunteers in a small group in the facilities of the team from the June 8, in the phase 2 of the plan to return to the game. Phase 3, which consists of a training camp for the 24 teams who will return to the game, will begin July 10, on condition that the medical conditions and safety permit and that the NHL and the players ‘ Association and NHL have come to an agreement on the resumption of the game (phase 4).

The playoffs will have the top four teams from each conference, based on the percentage of points in the regular season, play a round robin to determine the ranking. The other eight teams in each conference will be matched in four series among the top five, with the winners progressing to face the four teams from the round-robin tournament in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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Nashville (35-26-8, percentage of 0,565 points) will be the sixth seeded in the playoffs of the Western Conference and will face the Arizona Coyotes, the 11th-seeded (33-29-8, percentage of 0,529 point).

The start date and the cities of pivots – one for the 12 teams of the Western Conference and one for the 12 teams Is for phase 4 have not been determined.

Hynes, who was 16-11-1 after having replaced Peter Laviolette as coach of the Predators on January 7, said that he believed that the game wardens would be the most important area for each team during the playoffs.

“I think the team that gets the goalie immediately [has an advantage] “Said Hynes. “It will take four months before a training camp and may be an exhibition match, maybe two, we don’t know. It’s going to be a little hyperactive, a lot of intensity. The team that gets the goalkeepers in the beginning of this period to allow his team to prepare and run, to gain in confidence and to better cope with the team is going to be very important. ”

Hynes also mentioned the packaging, the special teams and this group is capable of engaging with each other as the areas of focus crucial.

“It is a different thing for the players now; they have to leave their families, go in a central city,” said Hynes. “The families are not going to be a part of it. You don’t go home after the matches, so it is the team, it is the Predators in Nashville and play for the guy next to you. He also plays for their family. and how to incorporate that to us to engage us at the level that you have to commit to win in the playoffs. “


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