Richarlison belittling Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk is exactly what we needed


This sound that you could hear this morning was from a Liverpool supporters exploded with indignation. The comments of Richarlison have been the reason why they took umbrage, attacking Everton with a search unless backstab against the central defender of the Reds Virgil van Dijk.

“People talk a lot about him,” he said. “Yes, he is a great defender, but I’ve already dribbled in front of him. For me, there are better defenders. ”

Dribbling in front of him deserves a shrug of the shoulders. The “fact” that no one had apparently exceeded Van Dijk for a year in the Premier League at one time was a statistical gloriously devoid of meaning that does not demonstrate much.

Richarlison then suggested that there were currently three central defenders better than Van Dijk in the football world.

Two, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, are team-mates international. No surprise to gather his own colleagues.

But the one that really upset the fans of Liverpool were the words of Sergio Ramos, the villain archi Real Madrid which has mercilessly cashed in Mohamed Salah and helped to bring down the Reds in the final of the champions League in Kiev two years ago.

Richarlison did it on purpose?

Anyone who is following the movement on social networks has long known that he is a character that is not opposite to the winding-up strange.

But what worse really the things, it is that Richarlison and Van Dijk will face each other Sunday at Goodison at the resumption of the Premier League.

Delicious? You the paries.

The man Everton will have a blast pushing his rival to the Merseyside. And we need to celebrate the fact.

“Dear sir, I think you may be mistaken in your statement” – Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk tackles the attacker Everton Richarlison

The football has demonstrated impressive unity in several ways during the outbreak of coronavirus, it has made a donation to the NHS, helped to store local food banks, or continued excellent work in the community. And that is without even mentioning what Marcus Rashford has made almost all by himself.

In terms of collective action and decisive, she puts to shame many of the ministers.

But we can not forget that football is a sport unforgiving where individuals and teams compete. The goal is to win. To beat the other person. It is what it is.

The put-downs, casual Richarlison Van Dijk serves as a reminder, a sting without effort that adds an edge to a derby that Everton failed to win in almost a decade.

The new essential Liverpool FC

Even if no supporter is allowed inside Goodison this weekend, at this time, the fans of both sides of Stanley Park disséquent and debate of the proclamation of Brazil, some fans of Everton fear any retribution, other happy that a red has been shot dead in public.

The supporters of Liverpool, on the other hand, they will laugh at no doubt of their tv screens each time the attacker would be in possession, encouraging each challenge from Van Dijk on the player. Why don’t you love it?

The football is back. And Richarlison pointed out in a centuries-old tradition.

Bring it on.


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